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Rug Hooking Week

Exhibit: Wednesday, August 12 – Saturday, August 15, 2015
Exhibit Hours: 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Beautiful Founder's Hall showcases an exceptional Main Exhibit (open to all levels of rug hookers) as well as selected Featured, Special, Celebration, Challenge, and Group Exhibits. Plan now to submit your work for this year's exhibit! Pre-Registration of your rugs is required! Click here for the pre-registration form.

Featured Exhibits...

Judy Carter

Maryanne Lincoln

Pennsylvania Hooked & Handsewn Rugs

Featured Exhibits pay tribute to the work of outstanding contemporary and historic rug hookers. Each of these extensive collections offers a wonderful opportunity to study closely the techniques, colors, designs, materials, and the in-depth story of talented artists.

We also offer classes relevant to theses exhibits so that you may gain insight directly from the artists or curators on the designs, techniques, materials, stories, and background of each collection. You will find more information on the Retreat and Workshop pages. .

Judy Carter

Judy Carter began hooking in 1993 and since then she has hooked over 115 pieces. Her work has won numerous awards and has been included in eleven Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs.  Her collaboration with Leonard Feenan and 38 other artists won the Sauder Award in 2012 for the Eye See You and Eye See You II project.
Judy enjoys variety and pushing herself outside her comfort zone. Judy has studied with over forty instructors and always strives to learn as much as possible from each teacher. She does this by focusing on their area of expertise, whether that is hand ripped strips, primitive, fine shading or color planning and dye techniques. She is always looking for new subjects and techniques and some techniques are developed as she works on a project. 

When Judy began hooking, most of her rugs were wide cut. Her rugs have evolved to small cuts as she tries to add more and more details to her pieces. This collection includes a wide variety of styles and features her early through most recent work including; wide cuts, florals, geometrics, and pictorials to her animal rugs. Animals are one of her favorite topics and truly show her outstanding skills in capturing the realistic details and personalities of animals.

For 5 years, Judy has been teaching and doing rug hooking presentations across the country. Along with writing articles for Rug Hooking Magazine and the ATHA and McGown newsletters, she has also written the book, Hooking Animals, which debuted in October 2014.

Maryanne Lincoln

As a teenager and the bookkeeper for her father’s blacksmith/autobody shop, one of Maryanne’s jobs was mixing paint. Although there were manufacturer formulas for vehicle colors, Maryanne adjusted those formulas to match the vehicle’s current color, affected by weather and time.  Even as a young girl she had the ability to see color and develop her own formulas, that ability served her well as she entered into the world of rug hooking in 1964.

Maryanne had a keen desire to duplicate the colors in the world around her into hooked rugs; from the color of the roses she received from her husband at the birth of their daughter, to a student’s request to match the color of faded, dirty blue jeans, and even when called upon by Pro Chem dyes to consult on a formula. She had a sharp mind and “instant recall” for formulas.

In more than 40 years she taught hundreds of students and also directed her own camp on Cape Cod for several years. As a professional colorist and leading authority on color and dyeing, she concentrated on helping others develop the skills to see color and elevate dye techniques. Her numerous articles, books and color courses were sought out by many rug hookers, including noted artists such as Patty Yoder.       

Maryanne hooked over a hundred rugs in 49 years. Early rugs were hooked in cuts #2-#3 and later graduated up to cut #5, while her color palate also shifted to brighter hues. Maryanne’s rug designs were both original and commercial patterns with the subject matter covering almost every genre. She professed “Color is the magic ingredient of rug hooking”.

Pennsylvania Hooked & Handsewn Rugs 1850-1950

What makes the rugs of Southeastern Pennsylvania different from New England rugs? A number of factors: variation in techniques; unique regional designs and motifs; and the timeframe in which they were created.

Primarily used as household floor and table coverings, it’s hard to distinguish whether a piece was made “just for nice” as Pennsylvania German expression states or if the rugs were truly salvage art created from recycled and leftover fabrics and clothing. In many cases it was probably a combination of both factors.

This exhibit will include both hooked and sewn rugs dating from the mid-1800’s to mid-1900’s.  Whether the maker used an eyed needle or a hook the results are stunning. The sewn rugs include cross-stitch to applique. Materials in both the hooked and sewn rugs vary from cut strips of cloth, appliqued cut out images, to yarn and thread.  Makers were both individuals who used the rugs in their own homes as well as small businesses who sold the rugs for profit. Original designs, commercial designs and the popular “shared” designs featuring motifs that were common to everyday life in the region can be seen in this collection.
Curator Dr. Patricia Herr is an authority of the textile arts of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. For more than 40 years, she has admired, studied, collected, and become a leading textile dealer throughout the country. Her astute knowledge of Lancaster folk arts has been shared in her many lectures, exhibits, and books.

In 2004-2006, the Heritage Center Museum of Lancaster County Pennsylvania held a Rug Harvest patterned after the successful Lancaster County Quilt Harvest. The Rug Harvest gathered information on the antique rugs and the contemporary rug makers of the region. This project preserved a part of southeastern Pennsylvania culture that had long been overlooked. The rugs were carefully photographed and documented to preserve and record the stories and makers. This information was then published in the book Rags to Rugs Hooked & Handsewn Rugs of Pennsylvania by Dr. Patricia Herr.


Celebration Exhibit... 

In 2015...

Rug Hooking Magazine's "Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs XXV" exhibit

Your only opportunity to see an exhibit of the year's
BEST rugs... exclusively at Sauder Village!

The Celebration Exhibit, featuring the award-winning rugs from Rug Hooking Magazine’s "Celebration of Hand-Hooked Rugs XXV", will be a highlight of Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village. All of the Celebration award finalists & honorable mentions will be invited to display their rugs in this special "Celebrations" Exhibit in Founder's Hall. This breathtaking exhibit will feature some of the best rugs in the country as well as internationally and will be on display exclusively at Sauder Village and open to the public from Wednesday, August 12 through Saturday, August 15.

To commemorate the 25th anniversary, over 800 Celebration participants have been invited to participate in a “Wool Bomb” -- a fun & creative surprise during the week, don’t miss it!

"We are so thrilled to be the host site for Rug Hooking Magazine's Celebration Rug Exhibit," notes Debbie Sauder David, Sauder Village President and CEO. "The opportunity to showcase some of the top rugs in the country as well as internationally is such an honor and will certainly be a draw for rug hooking enthusiasts from across the country. Rug Hooking Week at Sauder Village has a reputation for excellence and this Special Exhibit certainly speaks to the significance of our annual event."

Special Exhibits... 

Special Exhibits are collections of innovative and original works done by an individual or group of artists which represent contemporary themes, concepts, ideas, techniques, and educational projects.

We also offer classes relevant to theses exhibits so that you may gain insight directly from the artists or curators on the designs, techniques, materials, stories, and background of each collection. You will find more information on the Retreat and Workshop pages.

A Year Long Study of Daily Squares

To evaluate her studio work for a new decade, Susan L. Feller followed the concept of sample sized pieces she used in writing Design Basics for Rug Hookers and created an independent study project. She sketched and developed one 5” square into a fiber composition each day for a year. The goals included improving skills in manipulating fiber techniques she knew; drawing; dyeing; and learning new skills using different materials. Subjects were natural, conceptual, graphic and seasonal and often repeated. The squares are not all hooked. Techniques include painting, embroidery, quilting (with wool, upholstery and cotton material), wire jewelry, weaving, needle felting, and hand sewing.

At the conclusion Feller was able to reflect on style changes; the shapes, colors and compositions that begged to be explored in larger formats along with how she’d concentrate her time with these materials and techniques in the future..

Twelve panels, arranged to represent calendar months, will be on exhibit as a collection then disassembled with the squares to be sold individually. The daily journals documenting subject, weather, personal thoughts and original colorings will be available for review. Photos of changes in the pieces and a reading list should help viewers understand the processes. Several larger pieces complete the exhibit.

Artist: Susan Feller

Group Exhibits... 

These collections represent groups of artists or guilds which have taken on projects with a common goal, parameters, and a deadline. The project might focus on a design, theme, color, technique, or workshop.

All groups are welcome to submit their work and should contact the Director to submit information about the project and participants by June and then register each rug online.

Here are just some of this year’s Group Exhibits:

Plein Air

Plein Air translates to “in the open air”. The Plein Air Hooking Artists group, with national and international members, encourages the learning of light, shadow, value, composition and color through hooking outdoors. We do not simply sit outside and hook, we find our subject outdoors. Hooking outside presents challenges we do not find in the studio. We face changing weather and lighting conditions along with working from a 3 dimensional subject. Unlike painters, who are able to mix paints on the spot, we have to work with the wool strips we bring with us.

Artists are encouraged to create a small plein air work and bring it back to the studio to use as inspiration for a larger or more complex work. Our main rule is that no photos are allowed to be used for reference. We take notes on the type of weather, lighting conditions, colors and other aspects that will help us to better understand the creation of art. We encourage each artist’s perspective, be it abstract, realism or other form of expression. We hope you enjoy our work. Please consider joining us on this challenging outdoor journey.

Curator: Lori LaBerge

Sea Joy

The Sea Joy Exhibit is based on the last line of a poem written by Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy when she was 10 years old. The curator, Lisanne Miller, sent out an invitation to a selection of creative artists and documented the process from August 2014 to March 2015. The poem was the inspiration for this project and the criteria was to create an original design using the materials and techniques of the artist’s choosing.

When I go down by the sandy shore
I can think of nothing I want more
Then to live by the booming blue sea
As the seagulls flutter round about me

I can run about----when the tide is out
With the wind and the sand and the sea all about
And the sea gulls are swirling and diving for fish
O----to live by the sea is my only wish.
Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy - 1939

Curator: Lisanne Miller


The Tribute project was created by a group of over a dozen artists from all over the country. The objective was to create a textile piece that pays homage to a person who had a lasting influence, taught invaluable life lessons, or perhaps an un-sung hero/heroine or a special person in the artist’s life. Burma Cassidy, the curator, has recorded each of the artist’s thoughts and processes while they worked on their individual pieces. The overall goal was to tell a story of the people who make a difference in our life and document the process of this project. The Tribute Exhibit debuts at Rug Hooking Week. 

Curator: Burma Cassidy

Circle of Friends, Indiana
Loopy Ladies,
Maine Tin Pedlars,
Miami Valley Rug Hooking Guild,
Ohio – Sunflower Mat Challenge
Michigan Rugg Artistes,
River Rat Rugs,
Wild Wooly Women,

All Groups and Guilds interested in participating in the Group Exhibit Category, must contact Kathy Wright by June 1st and before registering Group rugs, the exhibit space for this category is limited due to its popularity

Main Exhibit: Categories...

Everyone is invited to submit rugs in the Main Exhibit.
Pre-registration is required in one of the following categories.
Register your rugs early.

  • Originals... designed & hooked by the same person  

  • People / Places / Pictorials 

  • Animals / Birds / Insects 

  • Orientals / Crewel / Geometric 

  • Fruit / Floral 

  • Mixed Media... artwork made using more than one medium (techniques and/or materials). Includes: multi-dimensional pieces (footstools, purses, clothing, dolls, pillows, jewelry, etc.), pieces using individual or combined techniques (hooking, proddy, felting, needle felting, needlepunch, punch hook, penny rugs, quilling, ruching, shearing, braiding, wool appliqué, make-do’s, etc.), pieces hooked with or mounted on various materials (other than or in addition to wool, such as plastic, ribbon, paper, wood, etc.) and pieces relating to fiber art (rug journals, etc.).

Rug Registration Note: If the design of your piece is an adaptation, reference this in the "interesting information" about your rug on the Rug Exhibition Registration form and register the piece in the category best fitting for the design. Adaptations are not to be included in the "original" category.

Main Exhibit: Challenges...

  • 2015 Theme Challenge "The year of the….SHEEP!"...

2015 is the “Year of the Sheep”, and what would rug hookers do without the wool from this beloved creature. This year’s challenge is to hook a 12” x 12” mat paying homage to the ram, ewe or lamb. Will you pick a Suffolk, Dorset, Romney, Jacob, Shetland, Hampshire, Cheviot, or Border Leicester as your design subject? Or how about one of the Merino or Southdown sheep right here at Sauder Village. The mat should be at least partially hooked, but other techniques and embellishments are welcome.

As Babe said… Baa-ram-ewe! Baa-ram-ewe! To your breed, your fleece, your clan be true! Sheep be true! Baa-ram-ewe!

Annual “Theme Challenge” Exhibit

Each year we select a special theme for our “Theme Challenge” Exhibit. Everyone is welcome to participate in this challenge (as in our main exhibit, you are not required to be a retreat student). This challenge is open to patterns of your choosing or original designs to go along with our theme, it is not required that you hook one specific pattern or design.

Entry Requirements... 

  • All rugs must have a permanent identification label on the back.

  • Rugs must be fashioned primarily by creating loops on a foundation backing and must be primarily of wool strips - except for the Mixed Media or Challenge categories.

  • Register your rug in the category best fitting for the design.

  • Rugs that are primarily hooked and incorporate embellishments (buttons, ribbons, trim, yarn, other fabrics, etc.) are welcome.

  • Pieces primarily created by using other techniques and materials are welcomed to be registered in the "Mixed Media" category – please refer to the specifications above.

  • Rugs must be clean and not soiled.

  • Rugs must be complete with binding or "appropriate finish".

  • "Latch-hook" and "locker-hook" rugs are not candidates for this exhibit.

  • Rugs may be submitted only once every five years.

  • All items must remain in the exhibit until the close of the exhibit on Saturday.

The event director reserves the right to refuse any entry not appropriate for this exhibit and to photograph entries for publication or advertising.


Pre-Registering Your Rugs for the Exhibit...

  • Complete one registration form per piece.
  • Forms can be submitted online, via fax or mailed. 
  • Pre-registration forms must be received before Thursday, July 30, 2015, or until our limit is reached due to space considerations.
Shipping / Checking-In / Picking-Up Your Rugs for the Exhibit...
Click here for more information on shipping your rugs!
The exhibit hall is a secured facility and Village grounds are patrolled after hours. While Sauder Village takes every precaution to protect all pieces brought in for the exhibit, we know you will understand that we cannot accept liability for them. Rug owners are required to carry the appropriate insurance on their hooked pieces.
  • People's Choice Awards - The public is invited to vote on Wednesday and Thursday during the show for their favorite rugs in the exhibit. The results of these votes determine the top "People's Choice Awards,” which are recognized with ribbons on Friday.
  • The Sauder Award - One rug will be selected for "The Sauder Award,” as the piece that best exemplifies the mission and spirit of Historic Sauder Village and represents outstanding artistry and quality of work. This piece is recognized with a ribbon on Wednesday.
Admission to Exhibit...

Sauder Village is honored to host this exciting annual rug hooking event, and appreciates your support and participation. All admission fees help directly support the celebration of this beautiful art form.

  • Single Day Admission ticket.
    Tickets into the Rug Exhibit, Vendors and entire Historic Village:
    Adults $16.00; Students (6-16) $10.00; Senior and AAA discounts apply
    Tickets into just the Exhibit and Vendor Shops Only... $11.00
    (Must be purchased in Founder's Hall where exhibit & vendors are located.) 
  • Group Rates. Bringing a group of 20 or more? Special group rates and arrangements are available by calling our Group Sales department at 800.590.9755.
  • Membership. Become a Member of Sauder Village and receive unlimited admission into the Historic Village and Rug Exhibit, receive Member discounts on classes, and support the mission of Sauder Village. Click here for more information on becoming a supporting Member.

In appreciation for entering hooked pieces for the exhibit, you will be provided with complimentary admission into both the Exhibit and the Historic Village for the week. This is a non-transferable ticket and can be used only by the named recipient. Please enter through Founder's Hall.

Whether you spend all week or just a day or two, make plans to stay in our beautiful Sauder Heritage Inn or Campground. Confirmed Retreat and Workshop participants are given priority lodging from a block of rooms and campsites. Instructions for making a reservation from this block will be forwarded with class confirmations.

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