Sauder Village
22611 St. Rt. 2
Archbold, Ohio 43502
In Northwest Ohio


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Our Mission:
As a destination of choice, Sauder Village offers guests experiences rich in history, hospitality, creativity & fun.

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Things to Know... Sauder Village Background and What's New

History of Sauder Village...
For over 35 years, Sauder Village has brought history to life. Through self-guided tours at the Village or customized programs at your school, Sauder Village provides students of all ages with hands-on history, engaging their attention and senses. History jumps off the pages of the books... connecting the past with the present.

What is Sauder Village?

Historic Village Craftsmen

Sauder Village is a living history museum that re-creates life in Northwest Ohio's Great Black Swamp from 1803-1920. The Village encompasses over 40 buildings, many literally transplanted from surrounding communities. The craft buildings and studios are home to nationally recognized craftsmen working with traditional materials such as wood, tin and glass in both historic and modern interpretations.

Where is Sauder Village?
Sauder Village is located in Northwest Ohio, just off Exit 25 of the Ohio Turnpike (I80/90) in Archbold.

What Will I See at Sauder Village?

Throughout the Village, costumed interpreters share insights on 19th and early 20th century rural life with every guest... preschoolers to senior citizens. From sheep shearing and planting in the spring to harvesting and preserving in the fall, every day in the Village is truly a unique experience.

Latest Happenings at Sauder Village...

Opened August of 2009 Pioneer Settlement is our new 5 acre addition which tells the story of the earliest European immigrants who settled this region and built homes and communities from 1834 through 1890.

In 2007, the Erie Express took its first visitors on a 1 1/2 mile train ride through the Historic Village. As the first transcontinental  railroad was built from the Pacific Ocean eastward over the mountains, the C.P. Huntington train played a significant role in this great venture. Now the Erie Express, a detailed, miniature replica of the original 1863 C.P. Huntington is an important part of the guest experience as visitors of all ages "travel back in time" at Historic Sauder Village.

In June of 2003, Sauder Village opened Natives and Newcomers: Ohio in Transition, 1803-1839. The expansive settlement depicts in vivid detail everyday life of the Native Americans and Europeans living in this region at the time of statehood. Children and adults can explore the wigwams, touch the furs, mats, and every day items and hear about the lives of these peoples from our costumed staff.

How Can Sauder Village Connect With Your Curriculum?...
It doesn't matter if you teach elementary or high school students, there is something for all ages at Sauder Village. Visiting this website will give you more detailed information about our connection to the Ohio Social Studies Content Standards.

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