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Civil War Remembrance

Civil War Remembrance Collage

April 12, 1861 is an important historical date that may not ring a bell for many of us today. However, at 4:30 that morning, a cannon ball was fired at the federal fort in Charleston Harbor, Fort Sumter, marking the beginning of the American Civil War. This year marks the 151th anniversary of that war. To help us all remember that historic event, and to review the impact the war had on our country, state and local communities, Sauder Village opened a new Civil War exhibit in the Museum Building in 2011.

The Civil War Exhibit examines the national, regional, and local impact of the war.

  • Explore the ways Ohioans participated in the war
  • Examine what was happening on the home front
  • What affect the war had on the lives of woman and children left at home
  • How they communicated with the soldiers and received news about the war

We are pleased to be working with the Ohio History Service Corps and a group of local museum/non-profit organizations from Fulton, Williams, Henry and Defiance counties to coordinate our Civil War and War of 1812 activities.

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