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As a destination of choice, Sauder Village offers guests experiences rich in history, hospitality, creativity & fun.

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This Award Winning Exhibit

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“Pioneer Settlement”(1834-1890), the newest phase of the historic timeline, provides a unique opportunity to physically experience the development of the Great Black Swamp region. This new area shares the stories beginning with the journey of the first permanent European immigrants to this region and their struggle for survival that first year as they established a new community. As these settlers drained the swamp, the rich land provided for the advancement of agriculture as a commercial enterprise for their families. While focusing on Northwest Ohio, these stories mirror our national story of immigration, community building and technological changes.

The opening of Pioneer Settlement came at a time when our country is facing many challenges not unlike those experienced by our ancestors. Financial insecurity and uncertain job situations are nothing new. Guests to Pioneer Settlement will hear about our ancestors who worked together through tough times to build a community in the wilderness based on ingenuity, creativity, hard work and perseverance. As guests hear stories of their journey, their struggles and their joys they’ll be inspired with the messages of hope as they learn how these early settlers not only survived but thrived! Click here for more information on Pioneer Settlement.

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Books Related to Pioneer Settlement
All books available at the Sauder Village Gift Shop

The Laubers: A Journey of Faith
Thomas R. Lauber, Publisher

This book tells of life in an earlier age and positions the Lauber family in the history of their community and nation, both in Europe and the United States. It documents oral family history-handed down from generation to generation-that might otherwise have been lost. It has been published on the premise that a family history should be captured and shared with those who follow. And remember, when you purchase a copy of this book, you are directly helping to support the Pioneer Settlement expansion.

Out of the Wilderness
History of the Central Mennonite Church 1835 - 1960

by Orland R. Grieser and Ervin Beck

Out of the Wilderness chronicles the settlement and development of the Mennonite community and church in Northwest Ohio. It's the story of a group of people who labored together with similar goals and purposes, trying to achieve them by a certain way of life.

The Sound of the Hammer
by Carl Conrad Britsch

This is a story of the first settlers establishing their homes in the Great Black Swamp through the eyes of Hans George Britsch, who left Switzerland as a young boy with his parents in 1865 to come to America. He grew up to be a master of felling the giant trees and squaring the logs for building. He became one of the region's most noted builders. The red barn in the Homestead at Sauder Village is a George Britsch-built barn.

All books available in the Sauder Village Gift Shop
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