Sauder Village
22611 St. Rt. 2
Archbold, Ohio 43502
In Northwest Ohio


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As a destination of choice, Sauder Village offers guests experiences rich in history, hospitality, creativity & fun.

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Holdeman Church

This is an original church of the Church of God in Christ Mennonites (also called the Holdeman Church after founder John Holdeman). Many of the earliest settlers to present day German Township Ohio were from the area of Europe know as the Alsace and were Amish, a branch of the Anabaptist faith who followed the teachings of minister Jacob Amman. Over time, many of those who settled here became more closely aligned with the Mennonite church (who followed the teachings of Menno Simon). The Church of God in Christ Mennonite was a branch of the Mennonite church begun in the 1850ís by John Holdeman. In this quiet, sacred building, guests will learn more about the Mennonite faith.