Sauder Village
22611 St. Rt. 2
Archbold, Ohio 43502
In Northwest Ohio


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Our Mission:
As a destination of choice, Sauder Village offers guests experiences rich in history, hospitality, creativity & fun.

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Fun thoughts shared on Facebook
We held a contest on Facebook asking our “fans” to share their favorite place to visit at Sauder Village. Thought you might enjoy reading just a few of the responses:

Each one is neat. You learn a lot at each one, it is hard to pick a favorite. But I think I like the basket one and the herb house. Just neat places!
Buggy Ride
I like the church when the organist is there. It is just nice to sit and sing hymns!

I haven't been to Sauder Village since I was in grade school. Back then it was a toss up between the horse-drawn carriage rides and the train rides. We really need to take another trip to the Village to see how it has changed!

Love the old school house. Reminds me of Laura Ingals and Little House on the Prairie.

I love to visit all of the houses you have, it reminds me that today we are so blessed to have the luxuries we have.

Herb ShopI haven't been able to finish my tour of the site yet (we went in order and only got to the museum) but so far, my favorite has been the herb shop! Cant get enough of the great smells and cant wait to go back and try some!!! My 1 year old daughter LOVED the train and carriage rides!

I love the Museum. I love looking at all of the antiques. They are displayed so nicely. Quite a bit of time can be spent just looking at everything.

I love to visit the old houses because it just amazes me how simple those people lived! I don't think I would have made it back then!Holdeman Church

The church was my favorite. It was so fun to sit & sing an oldie but goody with complete strangers (yet we all knew the words) & a beautiful organ!! The acoustics are wonderful there.

I enjoy going through the Farm house!!! There is always something special going on in that house! :) My favorite is harvest time!

The Grime Home takes you back in time and it is so amazing to step back in time like that. I also enjoy the school houses and the doctor’s office there really isn't a place I don't enjoy.

We really enjoyed the pioneer village the last time we were there. It was new and the kids thought it was really cool! I'm always pleasantly surprised at how much they enjoy coming there. They are 12,9,7 and 3 and they don't get bored at all! In this high tech age we live in, I love that they can have such a fun day going low-tech!

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"Our experience was great!!! In 4th grade, we study Michigan history, which goes right along with what you teach. Our students enjoyed everything. The Indian settlement, trading post, and new pioneer settlement hit everything right on the nose. We spent an hour discussing everything about our trip the next day at school. The kids were still excited. They thought that our visit was PERFECT, and they said that they would keep the trip at the end of the school year. (I had asked if it might be better in the fall.) They told me that the trip made our year-long studies come alive. I was so pleased about everything!! Thank you again."

Mary Cole
4th grade teacher (retired) Reynolds Elementary, Reading, Michigan

"My family (wife, daughter and son) visited Sauder Village on Saturday, June 14 and had a fabulous time. I think what sums it up best was a comment my wife made on the way home, "How do they find so many nice people to all work at one place?" My daughter LOVED the play house and pretend cow that she could milk. Keep up the good work!"


"I wanted to let you know I received my brochure and went to the village on Friday the 14th. I took my 10 year old granddaughter and we had a ball! I was really thrilled with the whole place. Everyone was so friendly and made the trip great! We loved the train ride, carriage ride, and all of the shops. We are already planning to come back in the fall. It was a little too hot for me when we were there, but I was always able to get into some shade. We stayed until it closed and then enjoyed the restaurant. LOVED it! Great food and service. Please let the right people know that we really enjoyed our trip to Sauder Village! Thanks again for sending me the brochure so fast."

Diana Tyree
Middletown, Ohio

"A visit to Sauder Village is truly a walk back in time. Our 5th grade has been going to the Village for several years to take part in an interactive field trip focusing on the Natives and Newcomers Exhibit. Students are engaged with the sights and sounds of Native American life during the early 1800's. While walking around the area, students are encouraged to warm their hands by the fire, relax on a deer hide bed, scrape a gourd bowl with a bone, pound corn kernels into meal, weave fibers into a strong rope, and crawl into a hollowed out canoe. Students also learn how the Native Americans traded with others for items they could not make on their own. The most amazing part is how our field trip to Sauder Village brings a textbook to life. Students who haven't made a connection with history are suddenly living what they have read about in their books. Sauder Village definitely enhances our curriculum by giving students a taste of the past. It's a trip we look forward to each year."

Shannon Schmucker
5th grade Social Studies teacher, Archbold Schools

"Thanks so much! We will look forward to Holiday Lantern Tours....... it is a highlight of the season for my little boy and me. Thank you for doing your part to return us to a more meaningful Christmas celebration."

Teresa Grigsby
Sylvania, Ohio

"I just don't understand how these things can be any fun without batteries but THEY ARE!"

9 year old guest during Home School Appreciation Week

"I attended the Basic Tinsmithing class and it was absolutely fabulous! I knew that it was going to be fun and interesting; however, Mike Runyon made it better than I ever expected! Not only was the class educational and entirely beneficial, it was exactly what I was looking for! Ever since my wife and I stumbled upon Sauder Village a few years ago, not only have we visited at least once a year (this year three times now), I have told anyone and everyone who will listen about the Village. And after taking the tinsmithing class I have even more to talk about! I cannot praise the experience enough. In the meantime, you can bet we will visit just as often as we can! Highly skilled craftsmen, like you, are what make Sauder Village the very special place that it is! I can tell you this: the tin 'fire starter/candle holder' that I made will always hold fond memories of a special day well spent and never to be forgotten. What a great time! I look forward to many more! Hope to see you all soon!"

Tom Miller